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Every Registry Cleaner Claims
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A Product That Works

# Registry cleaners take time to get right. The problem with other registry cleaners is they return false positives, where the software identifies important files as corrupt registry entries. Customers can become stuck having to re-install Windows, which leads to refunds.
# 1-Click-Fix technology has evolved over 7 years to offer a deep & accurate scan that genuinely adds value by cleaning the PC registry and increasing computer speed.
# Our dedicated programmers have created and refined the software that has been downloaded by over 17 million users.
A proven product means very low refunds and more money in your pocket

A Profitable Market
# Promote 1-Click-Fix and you′re working in a market with massive earning potential.
# Registry cleaners are a great product to sell because you can target just about any demographic. PC users will inevitably find their computer performance slows with time, putting you in a perfect position to profit today, and for years to come.
# We can get you started right now with a ton of copy & paste affiliate material made for regular and specialized promotion channels, opening up access to hundreds of niches and online advertising spaces within the registry cleaner market.

75% Commission + Bonus Over 100 Sales/Month
Promoting in a proven market means a long and reliable source of revenue

Our Conversion Funnel Turns Traffic Into Sales
# The 1-Click-Fix landing page has all the features of a high-converting software site.
# We are the only registry cleaner site with a sales video explaining the benefits of downloading the software.
# Every page element -- from testimonials providing social proof, and FAQs to overcome objections -- has been A/B split tested over 7 years and road-tested with 17 million downloads.
# 1-Click-Fix is the only registry cleaner that converts visitors with 24/7 live chat before sale, and a clean, professional design based on Windows 7 & Vista.
# We′ve streamlined the user experience by creating a nimble site that loads fast, with no page bigger than 200KB, and definitely no heavy Flash files.
# The 1-Click-Fix registry cleaner download is the fastest available, direct from our very own RackSpace Cloud server.

Did you know? As of 10/31/2010, 1-Click-Fix is whitelisted by Google, offering Super Affiliates a rare opportunity to dominate front-row traffic-pulling promotional space where other registry cleaners are banned

You′re Working With
Experienced Business Partners
# Unlike most other product developers in the registry cleaner market, we have been creating software for 7 years. We have launched several successful products in this time -- see the Clickbank proof below -- and 1-Click-Fix is our flagship product.
# We′re pouring our resources into promoting 1-Click-Fix among Super Affiliates, and you′re getting in while the product is red hot!
You are working with a real business, and an army of support staff on your side

Take Advantage Of Our 5-Star Affiliate Service
# Enter your name and email below to receive a personal email from your affiliate manager Tony, who is here to make your promotions profitable.
# Every time you email us via our priority Super Affiliate contact channels (more on those inside), your message goes straight to Tony′s desktop for personal and direct support.
# We have sizzling new SEO strategies, Facebook ads, banners, articles, product reviews, and keywords, all ready to go... with more promotional content added as we respond to your feature requests.
# Whatever promotional assets you need, lean on our team of writers and designers to make it happen.
# If you′re a heavyweight promoter, we′ll even make you custom websites to crank your conversions.
We are nothing less than your partners in success.

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